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Are you worried that you just sent your credit card number to some storefront scam on the internet? Relax! Not only is your transmission secure with Geotrust SSL encryption technology, but this site is owned by a corporation whose president is a registered pharmacist (California license #33450) A breach of ethics would mean losing that license. Just report it to the state board of pharmacy. Want to know more about us? See the personal page. By the way, the information you submit to us is private. We do not share it with or sell it to anyone. Please take a look at our privacy policy for more information.


We never charge full suggested retail price, even on the few MLM products we carry which have very narrow margins. You get a discount on every purchase (unless the manufacturer prohibits discounts). We also offer free shipping (US domestic orders only) if you spend $100 or more on your order. Additional quantity discounts apply to 99% of our items. If you buy 6 to 11 of an item, you get 5% off. If you buy 12 or more of that item, you get 10% off! See the help page for more information.


You don't even have to get out of your chair much less leave home. We ship priority mail and your order will usually arrive within three to five business days. Domestic orders greater than $100 even have free shipping. Overseas deliveries are usually shipped global express and take only slightly longer. (See order information page for more details.)

Unique Products...

Natural Health Consultants does not stock complete lines of everyone's vitamins. We pinpoint particular products based upon uniqueness or value. We have products so innovative that your health food store has probably never heard of them. We take pride in offering products that are cutting edge, impact products that can make a real difference, as well as well-known nutraceuticals. Ever hear of MSM or SAMe? We had them from the beginning, before they were "discovered." Why wait for years before a TV news magazine makes a product hot? Get it here first and avoid the rush. Our credibility rating index helps you decide before you try it.


We stock products from companies like Allergy Research Group, MMSPro, Designs for Health, Progressive Labs, Vital Source, Douglas Labs, and many others that typically detail to physicians and health professionals who demand the best.

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