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by Allergy Research Group


Mucolyxir contains per 1 drop serving, salmon DNA 3 mcg. Other ingredients are purified water, sodium chloride, benzyl alcohol, potassium sorbate, lactic acid. There are 200 drops per bottle.


According to the manufacturer:
"Mucolyxir is a DNA-based nutritional supplement, utilizing DNA from salmon, that supports respiratory health. One method by which the body attempts to keep the lungs clear of mucus is to mount an immune response against the agent, or agents, causing the problem. The viscosity of mucus, for example, is commonly attributed to excessive DNA resulting from a build up of lysed white blood cells from the body's failed attempt to eliminate foreign material. The small amount of DNA in Mucolyxir may balance mucus levels via a neutralization or feedback mechanism, just as a small amount of ragweed extract is used to down regulate or balance immune response to environmental factors.
Based on pre-clinical investigations, patents, and clinical trials, it is thought that this formulation may increase the strength and frequency of the beat of cilia that line both the respiratory tract and ear canal. Mucoid fluid then becomes easier to eliminate due to the alteration of liquid and solid portions of the mucus in favor of the liquid, resulting in increased expectoration with decreased effort, supporting the body's mechanisms for clearance of fluid from the ear canal."


Do not use if pregnant or nursing without consulting a health practitioner.

See Disclaimer.


1 or 2 drops, placed in mouth slowly then swallowed, one to four times per day, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. To avoid dilution, do not eat or drink for 5 minutes after taking.

At the start of use, individuals may take more, as follows:
Day 1: Take 1 drop every fifteen minutes for one hour. Then take 1 drop every hour until bedtime.
Days 2 and 3: Take 1 drop after each meal and before bed (4 times total).
Day 4 and beyond: Maintain schedule or use only as needed.

NHC sells each bottle of Mucolyxir (12 ml) for $32.95. The suggested retail price is $37.00.



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