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Natural Relief 1222

by High Acre Products


Natural Relief 1222 Arthritis Relief is a cream which contains Bryonia 6X, Rhus toxicodendron 6X, and more than a dozen natural compounds in a patented formula. Among the compounds are shark liver oil, deodorized garlic oil, vitamin E, and others.


According to the manufacturer:

"Natural Relief 1222 Professional Analgesic relieves pain, stiffness, and inflammation- all with no reported side effects. What makes Natural Relief 1222 different from other analgesics? It doesn't just heat or chill the inflamed areas it actually treats and restores the mechanisms that cause pain. That makes it the perfect choice for relieving pain and stiffness of aches and pains of muscle/ joints associated with muscle pulls or strains, overexertion, sports injuries, and arthritis.

Natural Relief 1222 Professional Analgesic is:
Fast-acting, quick absorbing, and deep penetrating.
All natural, containing no NSAID's, steroids, aspirin, and no side effects.
More powerful than menthol and capsaicin creams.
Ultrasound compatible without compromising the benefits of ultrasound treatments.
Not a hot or icy counter-irritant.
No harsh smelling menthol orders."

Three clinical trials have been done with this product. In the first trial the group receiving Natural Relief 1222 had significantly higher improvement scores starting 30 minutes after the first treatment for arthritis. Range of motion increased by 54.2% vs. 12.5% for the placebo.

In another study participants were asked to rate their relief after three days compared to their other medications. More than 80% rated it as most effective whether for arthritis or soft tissue injuries both for pain and range of motion. Many reported relief after one application.

In the last study, 87.5% rated it as more effective than what they had been using and 93.8% said they would recommend it.

No side effects were reported in the studies.

Natural Relief 1222 can be used spasms, muscle strains, tendonitis, repetitive motion injuries, and arthritis.


There have been no reported side effects.

See Disclaimer.


Apply a small amount of Natural Relief 1222 to affected areas and gently massage into skin. May be used first thing in the morning, before bed and any other time up to 4 times daily. Periods of relief may be short at first but will increase with time and regular usage.

NHC sells 2 oz tubes of Natural Relief 1222 for $22.95. The suggested retail price is $28.00.



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