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PectaSol Chelation Complex

by EcoNugenics


PectaSol Chelation Complex contains in each capsule PectaSol Modified Citrus Pectin 300 mg and Algimate Modified Alginate Complex 450 mg. Other ingredients are natural vegetable cellulose, cellulose, magnesium stearate.


According to the manufacturer:

"PectaSol Chelation Complex is designed specifically for those concerned about exposure to environmental pollutants and heavy metals*. PectaSol Chelation Complex is a patented blend of Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) and an Algimate complex. MCP and seaweed derived Alginates have been clinically shown to support healthy detoxification in their ability to chemically bind heavy metals and other environmental pollutants.* This unique proprietary blend was specifically formulated with alginates and MCP of specific molecular weights to work synergistically in supporting the bodys own natural, gentle detoxification process.* Damaging heavy metals and environmental pollutants can be found in foods, industrial byproducts, pesticides and even things as common as drinking water, amalgam dental fillings and cooking utensils. As PectaSol Chelation Complex is a patented product, no other MCP is authorized to be used as a chelating agent."


None except sensitivity to any ingredient.

See Disclaimer.


As a dietary supplement, take3 capsules twicedaily on an empty stomachor as directed by your health care professional.
Suggested Daily Maintenance Dose:
For long-term maintenance and children under 12 take2 capsulesdaily.

PectaSol Chelation Complex capsules in bottles of 180 sell for $84.95. Suggested retail is $99.95.

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