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by Ecological Formulas


Squalene is an extract from shark liver oil although it is also found in plant oils, human sebum, and meats. It is an isoprenoid and is an intermediate metabolite in the body's manufacture of cholesterol. Each capsule contains 500 mg of Squalene.


Squalene has many properties. In humans it is found concentrated in the skin where it is thought to act as an antioxidant to protect the skin from UV sun damage. It performs much the same function in the retina of the eye according to animal models.

According to the manufacturer:

"An individually resolved component of Aizame shark liver oil.
This ubiquitous compound (C30H50) is also found in human tissues and plasma."


No side-effects have been noted at normal doses. Squalene is consumed in the diet and much of the beneficial effects of olive oil may be due to Squalene.

See Disclaimer.


Take one to three capsules daily with meals.

NHC sells 60 capsule bottles of Squalene 500 mg for $14.35. The suggested retail price is $15.95.



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