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Padma Basic

by Padma Inc.


Padma Basic contains in 2 tablets 804 mg of a proprietary blend of natural ingredients:
Iceland Moss (Cetraria islandica L. Ach)Costus root
Margosa fruit (Azadirachtaindica A Juss.)Cardamon fruit
Red Sandalwood heartwoodTropical Almond fruit
Allspice fruitBengal Quince Fruit (Aegle marmelos (L). correa)
Calcium sulfateColumbine aerial part (Aquilegia vulgaris L.)
English Plantain aerial partLicorice root
Knotgrass aerial part (Polygonum aviculare L.)Golden Cinquefoil aerial part (Potentilla aurea L.)
Clove flowerGingerlily rhizome (Hedychium spicatum Buch.-Ham.)
Heartleaved Sida, aerial part (Sida Cordifolia L.)Valerian root
Lettuce Leaf (Lactuca sativa L.)Calendula flower
Natural Camphor

Other ingredients are sorbitol and silicon dioxide


Padma is an ancient Tibetan camphor formula which is highly effective and one of the few to survive the destruction of Tibetan culture perpetrated by the Chinese government. Fortunately, in Switzerland where it was first taken and used for many years it has been available for its many beneficial properties since 1850. It is now available elsewhere.

There are 21 synergistic substances in this formula including many bioflavonoids, tannins, salicylates, valepotriates, phenol acids, essential oils and esters. It has often amazing effects on cardiovascular problems, immunity, and infections.

Note: This formula differs from the Swiss product Padma 28 in not including the herb Aconite. Aconite may be toxic and its lack of inclusion here has no noticeable effect on efficacy.


None except for the usual precautions for pregnant or lactating women. If you have a serious health problem consult your doctor.

See Disclaimer.


Adults may taken 2 tablets 3 times daily with a full glass of water.

NHC sells 60 tablet boxes of Padma Basic for $29.70. The suggested retail price is $34.95.


NHC sells 180 tablet boxes of Padma Basic for $76.45. The suggested retail price is $89.95.



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